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Production Capacity

Mining Partner has an annual production capacity of 500 sets of mining machinery and equipment, and has a complete production line of complete metal and non-metal ore processing production lines. In the past few years, MP has continuously developed new products, and has formed a complete product chain including crusher, vibrating screens, feeders and other quarrying equipment. The product spectrum is complete, and the variety specifications are more than 160 kinds. Our products are in the lead among competitors in China, some of these products even performed better than imported product. The fully enclosed dry green intelligent sand making integrated system (HEIFA) has made major breakthroughs in environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and grain type improvement.

Facotory Area

Mining Partner covers a total area of 32,000 square maters, the workshop covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters

Production Processing

Mining Partner has a complete manufacturing industry chain and forms an integrated equipment manufacturing system from parts and components to whole machine. Employees with many years of experience in machining, welding, grinding, painting, electrical installation, mechanical assembly, and packaging delivery.

Equipment we have

Mining Partner equipped with more than 70 production equipments, including 13 sets of machining equipment, more than 20 sets welding machines and cutting machines.


We have more than 110 employees, of which 36.36% are college graduates or above. R&D personnel accounted for 16.36% of the total number of employees.

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