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TKS Series Horizontal Screen

TKS Series Horizontal Screen

The working principle of the horizontal vibrating screen is transmitted from the motor to the driving shaft through the V-belt, and then transmitted through the one speed ratio gears. So that the three shafts rotate at the same speed making the screen box a forced continuous elliptical motion. The material is powered and the throwing motion is continuously performed in the circumferential direction on the horizontal screen surface. The forward movement is performed while throwing, and the whole movement keep repeating.

Feed Size: 150mm

Capacity: 80-600t/h

Application: It is used in crushing and feeding combined equipment in quarries, metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries.

Material: Rocks and stones


High Capacity

High capacity, high efficiency, dual amplitude(14-18mm), vibrating angle(30-60°„), frequency is adjustable(744-854r/min).

Optimized Design

The elliptical triaxial drives the screen produce ideal elliptical motion. The advantages of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, and the elliptical trajectory and amplitude are adjustable. The vibrating trajectory can be selected according to the material which is a huge benefit.

Synchronous Excitation

The triaxial drives synchronous excitation enables the screen to obtain a stable working condition, which is particularly advantageous for screening equipment requiring a large amount of capacity.

Stress Improved

The triaxial drive improves the stress state of the screen frame, reduces the load on the single bearing, uniforms the side plates, reduces the stress concentration point, improves the stress conditions of the screen frame, and improves the reliability and life of the screen. It has created theoretical foundation for enlarged screens.


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