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LV Series Linear Motion Screen

LV Series Linear Motion Screen

LV series linear screens are used in industries as mines, quarries and sandstone yards. Mainly used for pre-screening before crushing, screening system.

Feed Size: £¼300mm

Capacity: 120-850t/h

Application: It is used in crushing and feeding combined equipment in quarries, metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries.

Material: Rocks and stones



The LV linear vibrating screen is designed to be freely convertible in both elliptical and linear strokes. Combined with a wider stroke range, the exciter produces an amazing 6.5G excitation force. Under such a strong excitation force, the installation (0~10”ć) effectively reduces the height of the civil works.

Linear/Elliptical Stroke

The vibration exciter of LV series linear vibrating screen is composed of two identical main shafts, so that the form, angle and length of the vibrating screen stroke can be adjusted to linear/elliptical stroke according to the situation at site. The elliptical stroke motion path is forward and prevent the screen from being blocked. The screen size can reach 100mm at a mounting angle of 5”ć, and the angle of the stroke adjusted by the position of the exciter.

Easy Maintenance Low Costs

The maintenance of the LV linear vibrating screen is easy and convenient with low cost. Since the vibration exciter is installed on the upper part of the vibrating screen, the installation and inspection are convenient, and it is easy to disassemble and maintenance. The feeding point is protected by a 30mm thick rubber liner, which can absorb the impact of the feeding material, so that the material is evenly dispersed in the width direction and prolongs the lifetime. Protection design for all possible wear parts and easy replacement of worn parts. Sophisticated oil-immersed lubrication allows the spindle to last longer.


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