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VGF Series Grizzly Feeder

VGF Series Grizzly Feeder

The grizzly feeder is suitable for feeding to a primary jaw crusher or a primary impact crusher. Widely used in stone materials, building materials and metallurgical mining industry. Since the VGF series of feeders are equipped with rods with adjustable gap at the discharge end, the material can be separated from the dirt and fine-grain, so that the crusher behind them can function more effectively.

Feed Size: 700-1000mm

Capacity: 250-800t/h

Application: Sand and gravel aggregates, metal mines, metallurgy, coal mines, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives, renewable resources utilization and other industries.

Material: Rocks and stones



The exciter with an eccentric block biaxial structure, driven by a motor to generate a large synthetic linear exciting force. It makes the body vibrated on the supporting spring, the material in the feeder sliding and throwing and fee to next equipment.

Optimized Design

The weight of the eccentric block and the impact angle are adjustable, and the amplitude can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the weight. The tank body and bearing are designed to work at heavy condition, the capacity is higher and the impact resistance is strong.

Adjustable rod Gap

The rod spacing can be adjusted in the range of 80-200mm, and the height difference between the two rods is large, which is beneficial to material separation. evenly feeding the material into the crusher equipment, avoiding the crash caused by uneven material distribution and prolonging the lifetime.


MP grizzly feeder applied with rods, pre-screen the material and makes the downstream equipment more efficient. It became an indispensable equipment in crushing and screening system. Due to the rubber spring support and vibration isolation, the vibration of operation, start and stop is improved than before, and the noise is also greatly improved.


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