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MHP Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher

MHP Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher


Higher Production Capacity

The technology of the MHP series cone crusher enables the higher production in the smallest space with smaller equipment. The combination of higher speed and stroke makes the MHP series' power and throughput greatly improved, making it the most productive crusher among competitors.

Better Quality

The MHP series cone crusher can be produced under a constant discharge port - avoiding the movement of the moving cone by the hydraulic cylinder, causing the change of the discharge opening during the production process, and maintaining the change of the discharge opening by rotating the concave adjustment method. The constant discharge opening increases the stability of the entire production process.

Reduce Shutdown Time

The MHP series cone crusher has a two-way iron-discharge hydraulic cylinder that allows the iron to pass through the crushing chamber, while many other manufacturers' crushers are shut down due to over-clamping. The hydraulic cleaning of the crushing chamber has a large stroke and is independent of the wear of the liner. It reduces the amount of work required to remove the clogging material in the crushing chamber and able to quickly clear the cavity, thereby reducing downtime and increasing operator confidence.

Easier Maintenance

The bronze bushings of the MHP series cone crusher can provide greater load capacity large vibration and dusty condition. Moreover, the bronze bushings are more affordable and can be replaced with ordinary tools. All parts of MHP series cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side. The mantle and concave are easy to assemble and disassemble, no need to disassemble the shells and tighten the bolts. Therefore, the MHP series cone crusher is more convenient to replace the liner.

Lower Maintenance Costs

High-performance non-contact labyrinth seals are wear-free and increase the reliability of dust rodriers. The design is compact and makes fewer moving components in contact with rocks and dust. All parts of the crusher are wear-resistant ¨C including replaceable mantle liner, mainframe base gasket, main frame pin sheath, drive bushing protection plate, counterweight guard plate, main frame liner and dead corner feed hopper - to minimize maintenance costs.


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